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Previous Puppies

No More Puppies!  We are retired after 50 years of breeding boxers.  Updated 06/15/14

We bred our last litter spring 2014.  We will not have any more litters in our home.

Every boxer that we breed and place is under contract to be returned to us

if the owners cannot keep the dog for any reason at any age, no exceptions!



*****Boxer Medical Updates! Cancer Remission Protocol MUST READ!!!!*****


Important!  Your boxers do not need to die of heart disease. 

When they faint, they are in the late stages of the disease. 

They can live a long time with medication if detected early. 

Your vet cannot hear cardiomyopathy with a stethoscope.

They need to be 24-hour-holter monitored or

EKG'd for 10 minutes after exertion to detect it.

This is a progressive disease that can occur at any age.  Test annually! 



My promise to boxers:  With the current DNA DM testing available,

I will only breed dogs that produce puppies that will not develop DM – updated 3/17/11

(Other breeders are welcome to add this to their site if they agree.)


Dr Joan Coates has found 16 breeds that are showing the “SOD1” mutation responsible for the disease known as DM (degenerative myelopathy).

Dr. Coates has also made it very clear that there have been canines in other breeds that histiologically show clinical signs of DM,

yet are not positive for the gene.  This has not been the case in the Boxer breed yet.

Therefore, she very astutely is changing the wording on the DM test to read, “negative for SOD1, therefore not likely to show signs of DM."

Click to see documentation.


Click for my DM information page with link for status on spedific dogs


Offa DM statistics for boxers


***************Boxer News Updates!***************


My Eddie's Wheels DM Wheelchair has been returned

Please contact me if you would like to borrow it for your dog.

Click here to see Wheelchair videos.


Downsizing Dog Collectibles/Figurines/ABC Items - Updated 10/15/12





Present Boxers In the Show Ring - The Next Generation


Hilltop N' Bavaria's Walkin' The Wild Side "Floozie" - Updated 12/14/11!

Classic brindle - DNA Degenerative Myelopathy normal (17% of boxers test normal or clear of this gene)


Group Placing - Ch. Bavaria's Simply The Best One More Time "ReMax" with Natural Ears - Updated 12/13/11!







Bavaria's Boxers are dominant in heads, shoulder assemblies and movement!

I never have to wonder if they will move correctly, they all do!


Pictured above are (Left to Right) daddy Ch. Bavaria's Heartbreaker "Kris"

the First Natural-Eared boxer to win a 1st Place at the American Boxer Club National Specialty.


and son Ch. Bavaria's Simply The Best One More Time "ReMax" (10 mos. old)

the Second Natural-Eared boxer to win a 1st Place at the American Boxer Club National Specialty. 

Picture was taken on 4/8/10.



Pictured above is Ch. Bavaria's Heartbreaker "Kris" on 4/18/09



Pictured above are three generations of Bavaria's Boxers!

 (Left to Right) Ch. Bavaria's Heartbreaker "Kris",

Ch. Bavaria's Simply The Best "Max" (sire) and

Ch. Interlude's Bavarian Hummel, Sire of Merit, SOM "Jack" (grandsire)

Picture was taken on 5/8/08.


Bavaria's boxer

Pictured above is Ch. Bavaria's Simply The Best "Max"

Ch. Bangaway of Sirrah Crest Video



Click here to see my Boston Terriers!



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