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January 13, 2010 Update!

Dr Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, the director of Boxer Cardiomyopathy research at 
the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, has just written a special update  on
ARVC Research for the Boxer community. Dr Lindblad-Toh's report is  featured
on the ABCF website, in a special edition of the "Messenger," the  official
ABC Foundation newsletter.



April 29, 2009 Update!

Washington State University has announced that  "WSU veterinary 
cardiologist Kathryn M. Meurs discovered a mutant gene in the Boxer 
breed that causes a type of heart disease that can be fatal in animals 
and humans."  (ARVC)


Short Article by the Dean of the College

**************Order a DNA Cardiomyopathy ARVC Heart Test Kit**************

ALL boxers can be checked for risk of developing heart disease.

It's suspected that 85% of boxers could be affected.

(Order cheek-swab-brush kits for free & return swabs for testing - $60 per dog).


Online Submission Form for swabs or blood draws


Understanding your Cardiomyopathy ARVC DNA Results


**************Posted DNA Results - Dr. Meurs' database**************


Form to have your results posted – Dr. Meurs’ database

Important!  Your boxers do not need to die of heart disease. 

When they faint, they are in the late stages of the disease. 

They can live a long time with medication if detected early. 

Your vet cannot hear cardiomyopathy with a stethoscope.

They need to be 24-hour-holter monitored or

EKG'd for 10 minutes after exertion to detect it.

This is a progressive disease that can occur at any age.  Test annually


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