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The Western Districts Boxer Club of NSW Inc.

Championship Show

Judge Vera Anderson, Bavaria’s Boxers (USA)

Sunday, 5th September, 2010




Baby Puppy Dogs



Baby Puppy Dogs



1st - Ozstock Ozzie FX


2nd - Guntop Firing Line


Minor Puppy Dogs


1st - Jimbren Irish Rebel At Vineen



2nd - Kraven Dot Com


3rd - Angelpark Mask of Zoro



Puppy Dogs


1st - Berlane’s Dream Warrior At Vineen


2nd - Bocsavil Full Steam Ahead


3rd - Lehearn Interceptor


Puppy Dog Lineup



Junior Dogs


1st - Guntop Illustrious


2nd - Suavee High Roller


3rd - Kuroona Uncommon Valor



Intermediate Dogs


1st - Traxx Moody Blues


2nd - Jindameg Lead The Way


3rd - Am. Ch. Moon Valley Instyle at Chizack



Australian Bred Dogs


1st - Ch. Casqueen Gigolo


2nd - Ch. Vineen Bronze God


3rd - Ch. Chizack Moon Shadow


Australian Bred Lineup


Open Dogs


1st - Ch. The Fonejacker At Surfstone


2nd - Ch. Tonup Infinite Happiness


3rd - Ch. Ozstock Sock It Toya




Baby Puppy Bitches


1st - Ozstock Ozzie Maid


2nd - Kirkgate Crazy Dayz


3rd - Guntop Against All Odds



Minor Puppy Bitches


1st - Britsky Strawberry Kisses


2nd - Jimbren Alice With Vineen


3rd - Kuroona Vee Demour



Puppy Bitches


1st - Traxx Irresistable


2nd - Guntop Stars and Diamonds


3rd - Casqueen Shady Lady



Junior Bitches


1st - Guntop Pleased As Punch


2nd - Chizack Winnie Woodpecker


3rd - Blueprint Italian Maid



Intermediate Bitches


1st - Traxx Kentucky Woman


2nd - Ch. Kuroona Aveda


3rd - Vineen Good Times



Australian Bred Bitches


1st - Kraven Sykosis


2nd - Ch. Tonup Remembering Anya


3rd - Britsky Okee Dokee



Open Bitches


1st - Kirkgate Knock Knock


2nd - Ch. Boxbar Stranraer Lady


3rd - Gr. Ch. / NZ Ch. Quasar Is Contagious At Blueprint