Written By Vera Anderson

This children’s book is based on the true story of a boxer named Moose who beats death twice and overcomes paralysis. Moose goes on to lead a happy life despite his handicap and learns to walk, run and jump.

The story is told from Moose's point of view and identifies with the fears, frustrations and perseverance experienced by children living with handicaps. This book will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Moose will begin training for his "Therapy Dog Title" (during the summer of 2001) which will enable him to visit Centers for Children with Disabilities where he can share his enthusiasm for life.

When you are unaware of what you can’t do, your spirit can take you farther than anyone ever dreamed possible.

The sale of each book will generate a $2.00 donatation to the American Boxer Club Charitable Foundation or Boxer Rescue Organizations. The first edition printing of 500 is available only in softcover and will be individually numbered.

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