Bavaria's Easy Rider "Dakota"

September 22, 2004 - June 19, 2010


Sire: Ch. Bavaria's Simply The Best (Max) 

Dam: Snickers Dakota's High Spirit (Snickers)

Owners:  Bonney & Bill Lindeman

Dakota's Pedigree


Cytoxan given instead of Cyclosporine

while under the care of  the Animal Emergency and Referral Specialty Clinic in Northbrook, IL



June 20 - It was so sad to see that sweet boy every day getting thinner  and more anemic from the drug error on the emergency clinic's part.
He would run outside and bark and play with his ball.  His spirit was so boxer and so great.  Because he was next door and needed a lot more care, I would go over several times a day to let him out when Bonney  and her husband were working.  I am very thankful for the extra time I was able to spend with him.
He was so anemic and his bone marrow was not working, so his  gums were very white.  Then, due to his weakness, he started to pass, it wasn't his heart...Bonney had all the tests done and tried  everything our boxer vet could think of to help him.  He couldn't keep food  down any longer and still has intense diarrhea.
Yesterday, they helped our sweet boy to the bridge.  We  all were able to say our goodbyes.  He knows he was loved and no longer has  to endure the overdose of toxins that were given to him. 
He will always be in our hearts. 


5/19/2010 6:44:12 P.M - Update  on Dakota - Cytoxan given instead of Cyclosporine


I took a couple of pictures I took of Dakota today (see below).  He looks awful, but is in good spirits.


The good news is that today his blood showed improvement in his White Blood Cell Count, Red Blood Cell Count and Albumin.  YEAH!  His bone marrow seems to be working! 


We will continue with the meds under the care of Dr. Randall in Woodstock, IL.  He only gained 6 oz., but had a bad bout of diarrhea this morning or he might have weighed more.  Dakota is now taking anti-diarrhea meds to control that. 


The good sign is that he is gaining instead of losing.  Bonney can only give him a small amount of food with multiple meals during the day.  As he gets stronger, he can increase his food.


Once again, boxer will and determination pulls through.  Thank you everyone for your good thoughts and prayers!


Vera, Bonney & Bill Lindeman


Dakota on 5/19/10 - 46.3 lbs.


Dakota on 5/19/10 - 46.3 lbs.



5/16/2010 8:44:12 A.M - Update - Medical Help needed - Cytoxan given instead of Cyclosporine

I want to thank everyone who responded for your help and suggestions for Dakota.


We took him to my specialist yesterday and spent 3 hours there - more testing and analysis.  His prescribed meds were adjusted and he will need to get blood tests twice a week for the next 4 weeks if he recovers. 


His bone marrow and blood cell regeneration can totally shut down between 7-14 days after initial chemo is given.  We are on day 10.  His White Blood Cell count dropped from 36,000 on 4/11 to 7,000 yesterday.  His Red Blood Cell count is at the lowest on the chart.


He is a big boy and usually weighs 66 lbs. lean.  He weighed 45 lbs. yesterday and looks like a 6 mos. old puppy who has been starved.


The chemo kills blood cells in the heart, bladder, kidney, liver, bone marrow and more, so he can have organ complications in the future.


The upside is that he is eating, has no diarrhea and is not vomiting.  He seems to have good boxer spirit.


Please pardon us for not responding to each of you individually.  I am exhausted emotionally and I know this is affecting Bonney (Dakota's owner) even more.




5/13/2010 6:25:08 A.M. Cytoxan given instead of Cyclosporine to my boxer, Dakota

I co-own a boxer who went to the Animal Emergency and Referral Specialty Clinic in Northbrook, IL, for vomiting and diarrhea.  He was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


They kept him for a week.  Bonney Lindeman is his breeder and co-owner and lives next door to me.  She picked him up the morning of 5/11 and was told

that they almost lost him, but he was OK.  Soon after she left, she received a frantic call from the clinic that he was given the wrong medicine which they

also sent home with him.  She was told she needed to get back to the hospital immediately or he would die. 


They gave him Cytoxan (a chemo drug to kill bone marrow) instead of Cyclosporine (an antibiotic).  He received 5 doses of 50 mg. each. 

I conferred with my vet last night and she told me how serious this was for Dakota. 


They put him on IVs to flush his system and are giving him multiple strong antibiotics.  She was told she can probably pick him up today, but he will have


Waiting for picture

Dakota shown above winning Best of Breed, Best of Winners and Winners Dog at the Kenosha Kennel Club

under Judge George J. Heitzman


Dakota shown above winning Winners Dog at the Chain O'Lakes Kennel Club

under Judge Dr. Kenneth Doeg (not shown)


Dakota shown above on 3/7/05


Dakota is pictured above at 10 wks.


Dakota is pictured above at 10 wks.



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