Rottweiller Attack On One of My Boxers - 12/10/02

Dear Vera,

Pumba is doing great. She has grown up to be a happy, loyal and fun to be around Boxer. I could not imagine a life without her, she is such a blessing, you of all people know what I am talking about.

We had a major incident about a month ago. I took her to the park, like I usually do, and we got attacked by 4 loose Rottweilers. She got bitten all over her body and legs, I got bitten on both of my hands, since I was trying to save her. She is all fine again, but the emotional scars stay for a lifetime. I had her socialized so well, and now all of that is ruined, she is very hesitiant of all strange dogs, no matter what age, sice or breed. It is difficult to see her like that, since she was never afraid of anything or any dog.

So we are dealing with the results of that, any other than that, she is doing great, happy as can be and very playful. We are just soooooo very lucky that she suvived that attack. She is such a trooper and she has been through soooo much.

Anyway, don't worry about a thing, we wish you a great Christmas and New Year and thank you again for letting us have Pumba. I would love to hear from you, if time permits.

All the best and love, Pumba, Eva & Andrew

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