We feed Nutro Simple Ingredient. There are ten or less ingredients in this food so their is less chance for toxin exposure. Be sure your food doesn't have Copper Sulfate in it. That is toxic to dogs.


Boxer Longevity Statistics  - Updated 10/19/08


Boxer Cardiomyopathy - Updated 9/29/08


Tagamet & Benadryl (caplets) used to shrink mast cell tumors - Updated 7/6/08

Interesting Article on Causes of Cancer - Updated 5/28/08

How to perform Chest or Heart Compressions on a collapsed dog - Updated 3/22/08

Beware of this ball.  Dogs have lost their tongues due to this ball - Updated 8/27/08

Links to American Boxer Club Heart Information - Updated 8/26/08

Xylitol Sugar-free Gum Dangers

CoCoa Mulch is toxic to dogs if eaten.  May be fatal.


SCIENCE OF VACCINE DAMAGE (Long, but well worth reading!)


$1,000 Reward!  Please help find Blake!

Boston Terrier found 4 years after disappearing - Fri Apr 6, 2007 1:16 pm (PST) - Lost Kansas City dog turns up in Billings By The Gazette Staff and Associated Press A Boston terrier named Mickey who disappeared four years ago from his suburban Kansas City backyard was reunited with his owners this week after officials at the Billings animal shelter identified the dog with help from a microchip implant.

Caution - Anti-Itch Spray may be responsible for boxer death!


American Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine: 

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce arrhythmia in animal models and people

Check your plastic and latex dog toys.  Most are made in China and may contain lead!   The polyester toys should not contain lead paint.


Vicks Menthol Rub applied several times daily will eliminate many of the growths that boxers get on their toes.


I keep a spray bottle with half Water and half White Vinegar and spray it on boxers' itchy feet. 

-  When they lick their feet continuously, the moisture causes fungus to grow (the rust coloring you see on their toes). 

- You can spray this on a folded paper towel and carefully clean the wrinkles on their face and chin taking care not to get any in their eyes!




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