"Rachel" Bavaria's Dressed For Success

Owners:  Jay Green and Hope Gonzales

11/26/96 - 1/28/06


Rachel was Hope's soul mate, protector and house guardian. 

She loved everyone! 




Rachel & Vera

Special Thanks to Judge Edeltraud Laurin for recognizing our beautiful Rachel.

In July of 1997, when Rachel was just 8 mos. old, she jumped off a 12 foot drop onto concrete with her sister, Tiffany. She miraculously did not break a bone, but landed on her shoulder. She did, however, have several vertebrae out of place which can misalign and cause her discomfort when running on the hard showring surfaces. We discovered that the uneven grassy showrings were no better for her.

Rachel was owner-handled to 1 BOS, 2 WB, & 2 RW and began her show career in January 1998. She was shown briefly and accumulated many class wins and additional RW placements.


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