Firestar's Tequila Rose "Teddi"

November 3, 1996 - September 9, 2008

Breeder:  Diane Boyle

Owners:  Vera Anderson

Teddi ruled our dog pack.  What Teddi wanted, Teddi got!  She was the protector of my grandchildren. 

She had a good day today.  She went outside and ambled around the yard.  At 2:00 today, she laid down and passed on. 

She was loved dearly by our family and will always be remembered as "Tough Teddi!"


Teddi is pictured above on 9/8/08 at almost 12 years old.

She was barking at the neighbor's dogs. 

This was the day before she died.


Teddi is pictured above on 9/5/08 at almost 12 years old.

She got over-heated and so I put a cool coat on her. 

She throught she was pretty special!



Teddi is pictured above on 2/10/08 at 11+ years.

She's in charge, of course!  She always has been and always will be!



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