Bavaria's Boxers pups

Sire:  Interlude's Bavarian Hummel (Jack)

(1999 Most Puppy Blues Winner - needs 1 major)


Dam:  Bavaria's Breakfast At Tiffany's (Tiffany)

(litter sister to our Ch. Bavaria's Take A Chance On Me - Roxie)


Born September 11, 2000

Owner of litter: Vera Anderson


2 Females (Pics updated on 11/6/00):

Show Hopeful - Bavaria's Best Kept Secret (Torrie)

Diane & Patrick Peluso and Vera Albers (Nicholas on left)



Show Hopeful - Bavaria's Into The Mystic (Savana)

Amy & Todd Bieri and Vera Albers


7 Males (Pics updated on 11/6/00):


Mike (left) &

Beau - Bavaria's Why Don't You Kiss (show hopeful on right)

Shawn & Buffy Allred


Bavaria's Hard To Be Humble (Hummer)

New Owners Laurette, Jerry, Eric & Zoe Kell


Show hopeful - Bavaria's What Women Want (Magic)

New Owners - Marsha, Kevin and Mark Steiner


Bavaria's Sweeter With Time (Ticker)

Show Hopeful - Available to Show Home

Bavaria's Spicey Nutmeg (Nutmeg)

Tom, Kathy, Billy & Tommy Sittig



New Owners - Barbara Penn & James Palmer (Priscilla on left)



Everyone who will live with the puppy, needs to attend the interview. I do not discuss prices via internet. Please email me at or call me at 847-838-2600 if you are interested in one of these pups.  All pet puppies are sold on limited registration which means they cannot be bred.  Please check this website for further updates. 

To explain what I mean by Show Hopeful:

Right now they look really good for their age, but they are way too little and young to tell for sure. We watch them closely between now and 8 weeks of age. Any part of them may grow apart from what the breed standard calls for in the anatomically correct boxer. If that happens, they become a pet puppy. As it costs approximately $5-10,000 per year to show and campaign a show dog, I am extremely critical. To keep costs down, I do not charge a handling fee if you purchase a show dog from me.

In an average litter, I may only end up with 1 or maybe 2 that are show quality. I think (and I am not sure) there are only one or two litters in the history of boxerdom that had 5 total dogs finish their championship that were born in one litter. Of course, everyone would like to have that fantastic litter that makes history.

If you are interested in a pup as a show pup, please contact me right away to be added to the waiting list for that puppy, should he/she hold to conformation breed standards.

Interviews will be set up when they are about 4-5 weeks of age as I cannot determine the alpha/omega characteristics any earlier. Then I try to match families with each pup to be sure that each placement will be for the dog's lifetime.

I will try to update these photos weekly. Please check this site for updates and status changes. Thanks for being interested in our very special and much loved babies!


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