Bavaria's Boxers new litter -

Born December 6, 2001

Sire: Ch. Interlude's Bavarian Hummel (Jack) SOM

Dam: Bavaria's Breakfast At Tiffany's (Tiffany) DOM

Puppies' Pedigree

Pups from first litter include:

Ch. Bavaria's Into The Mystic (Savana)

Ch. Bavaria's Best Kept Secret (Torrie)

Bavaria's Sweeter With Time (Owen)


Everyone who will live with the puppy, needs to attend the interview.

I do not discuss prices via internet. 

Shown below are the puppies on 1/28/02. There are 3 females and 5 males.

Female puppy shown above is Izzy - Bavaria's Isn't She Adorable 

New Owners: Brenda & Jeff Casto

Female puppy shown above is Sophie - Bavaria's Kiss Me Like This 

New Owners: Tracy & John Dugos

Female puppy shown above is Libby - Bavaria's Kiss Me Like That

New Owners: Diana & Thomas Corsiglia

Male puppy shown above is Bear with Jolene - Bavaria's Simply Heavenly 

Owners: Vera Albers & Ruth Miller

Male puppy shown above is Traveler - Bavaria's Simply Awesome 

Owners:  Vera Albers & Judy Brissey

Male puppy shown above is Guinness - Bavaria's Simply Classic

New Owners: Laura & Brian Creekmur

Brindle Male puppy shown above is Bogart - White Male puppy is Hogan

New Owners: Marsha & Jim Schelsky - special people with hearts big enough to include both boys!

Although Hogan is deaf, he will have Bogart and a Newfy as his companion dogs to help him.

To explain what I mean by Show Hopeful:

Right now they look really good for their age, but they are way too little and young to tell for sure (D.O.B. 12-06-01). I watch them closely between now and 8 weeks of age. Any part of them may grow apart from what the breed standard calls for in the anatomically correct boxer. If that happens, they become a pet puppy. As it costs approximately $5-10,000 per year to show and campaign a show dog, I am extremely critical. To keep costs down, I show my own dogs with no handling fees.

In a litter this size I may only end up with 1 or maybe 2 that are show quality. I think (and I am not sure) there are only one or two litters in the history of boxerdom that had 5 total dogs finish their championship that were born in one litter. Of course, everyone would like to have that fantastic litter that makes history.

If you are interested in a pup as a show pup, please contact me soon to be added to the waiting list for that puppy, should he/she hold to conformation breed standards.

Interviews will be set up when they are about 4-5 weeks of age as I cannot determine the alpha/omega characteristics any earlier. Then I try to match families with each pup to be sure that each placement will be for the dog's lifetime.

My schedule is as follows: I work Monday-Friday and get home around 5:15. I train my dogs on Wednesday evening and teach a conformation class on Thursday evening. Most of my weekends are committed to shows. I try to check email daily even when I am away at a dog show.

I will try to update these photos weekly. Please check this site for updates and status changes. Thanks for being interested in our very special and much loved babies!


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